2 Black Men Are Arrested for Reportedly Meeting at Starbucks

2 Black Men Are Arrested for Reportedly Meeting at Starbucks

On Friday, a video of two Black men getting arrested on Thursday inside of a Philadelphia Starbucks went viral.

You can see an onlooker in the video asking the officers and other customers “What did they get called for?” Another bystander responds off-camera, “They didn’t do anything. I saw the entire thing. They asked to use the bathroom, and the woman says, ‘It’s for paying customers only.’”

Author Melissa DePino uploaded a video of the incident with the accompanied comment:

The police were called because these men hadn’t ordered anything. They were waiting for a friend to show up, who did as they were taken out in handcuffs for doing nothing. All the other white ppl are wondering why it’s never happened to us when we do the same thing.

Outrage grows as Witnesses give their accounts of the ugly scene, saying that the manager didn’t even ask the men to leave before calling law enforcements. Now people are urging to boycott Starbucks.

Both Starbucks and the Philadelphia Police Department have launched their own separate internal investigations, and will comment further once they’re completed. Starbucks has since issued an apology via Twitter:

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