‘Aladdin’s Live-Action Trailer Gives Fans a Change of Heart

'Aladdin's Live-Action Trailer Gives Fans a Change of Heart

Words by Eboni Euniece

The new Aladdin trailer has nostalgic fans eating their words.

When the cast first dropped most fans were disappointed in Disney’s choices. There was a lot of criticism and backlash. They felt the new Aladdin looked way too old for the role. The new Jasmine was way too light further indicating Hollywood’s battle with colorism. The new Jafar was too… Hot? And lastly, our beloved genie was a Blue Will Smith?

Complaints were flying across all social media platforms. Disney was not shaken at all though. They knew what they were doing and we should’ve sat there and eaten our food.

The new 2-minute trailer above takes us on a magical rollercoaster. The trailer gave us love, laughter, deceit, belief, action, and fantasy in 2 and a half minutes. They made Mena Massoud, the actor playing Aladdin, look young, lovable and someone we want to take this ride with. What’s so bad about Hot Jafar and could we ever NOT love Will Smith? As for live-action Jasmine, I guess the fans are just happy that the actress Naomi Scott is at least half Indian versus the original white voice actress Linda Larkin. Small steps count to right?

Aladdin is coming to theaters May 24th, 2019 and from the looks of the Twitter reactions below, the flick is looking like a must-see.

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