Twitter Urges for the Arrest of Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker

Twitter Urges for the Arrest of Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker

Millions of social media users viewed a woman identified as Asia from San Antonio, Texas, lick a container of Blue Bell ice cream and put it right back in the supermarket’s refrigerator.

If you think that’s bad, before deactivating her account, she boasted about being famous and bragged about just having the flu. Black Twitter was infuriated.

People have been urging for San Antonio police to arrest this woman after Twitter did its thing, however, they say they have not been contacted by the ice cream manufacturer and aren’t doing an investigation despite reports.

In Texas law, it’s a felony to tamper with a consumer product if someone could be injured as a result. She admitted that she was recently sick and whoever purchases that container of ice cream have a possibility of catching her illness.

Under state law, the tampering charge has varying degrees from first to third with punishment that includes fines and jail time.

“A person commits an offense if he knowingly or intentionally tampers with a consumer product knowing that the consumer product will be offered for sale to the public …” Upon conviction, and depending on the degree, the punishment begins with a fine of up to $10,0000 and prison time from 2 years to life.

One Twitter user claimed Asia was charged with a felony, but there are no police records to prove that an arrest was made.

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