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Azealia Banks Literally Digs Up Her Dead Cat To Move With Her To Miami

Azealia Banks Literally Digs Up Her Dead Cat To Move With Her To Miami

Azealia Banks Literally Digs Up Her Dead Cat To Move With Her To Miami

Azealia Banks is moving to Miami and she wants to bring her dead cat with her! Azealia Banks is known for her crazy stunts and bluntness, to say the least.

Her antics continue to trend, this time highlighting her crazy Instagram posts featuring her dead cat.

Banks admitted on Tuesday morning that she dug up the body of her deceased, three-month-old cat, Lucifer. Following her revelation, she posted a series of skin-crawling Instagram videos. In one video, Banks said, “The cat went out with a f**king bang . . . taking my b*tch to Miami!”

“The cat is in the bag!” she joked during the shocking video, as she pulled up a dirt-covered bag that allegedly held the cat’s body. Continuing the horror show, the rapper shared another image on her IG. This time, she displays what looks to be a pink cauldron filled with feathers, sticks, knives, a crucifix, and a possible cat skull. Furthermore, she makes the caption, “The beauty. True Palera,”

She then proceeded to boil the cat in a large pot of murky water in the disturbing clip.

The entire journey was documented on her Instagram Stories. However, all of the photos and videos were quickly taken down.

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Followers instantly began commenting on the photo asking if the bones in the picture were from the cat she claims to have dug up and boiled. There’s no response from her as of right now. However, this isn’t Banks’ first time sharing her rituals to the public eye.

In 2016, Azealia Banks told her following that she practices brujeria—a personalized practice with roots in many spiritual lineages—after she shared an Instagram video showing a closet in her home that she used to kill chickens. With that being said, one Twitter user defended Banks by saying she isn’t eating the cat.

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What do you guys think Azaelia Banks was going with her cat? Tell us in the comments.


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