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Bhad Bhabie To The People Accusing Her of Blackfishing -“I’m White!”

Bhad Bhabie To The People Accusing Her of Blackfishing -“I’m White!”

Bhad Bhabie To The People Accusing Her of Blackfishing -"I'm White!"

Bhad Bhabie is back in the headlines for black fishing! As of recently, Bhad Bhabie, in an IG live makes a statement about not being black!

Bhad Bhabie has been accused of black fishing multiple times before. So, it’s of no surprise to see her addressing the accusations again. During her Instagram live, where she looks almost unrecognizable, the female rapper responds to a viewer. “Why do I look different?” she reads. “I don’t know, maybe ’cause the last time y’all seen me I was twelve?”

She follows her answer with a pause before stating, “I know I’m white.” She looks irritated while acknowledging the race comments. Continuing in her IG live, someone with her, a black male, replies to Bhad Bhabie’s claim. “You black,” he says. “You really black!”

Bhad Babie denies his statement with a side-eye immediately after. It would seem that the female rapper doesn’t want to be accused of black fishing. Considering her responses to black fishing accusations before, she seems like she’s very serious about not being called black.

Twitter was quick to share their thoughts about her IG live, commenting on how unrecognizable she is now.

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[Bhad Bhabie Accuses Lil Kim of Trying to Appear ‘White’ in Response to Black Face Backlash]

This recent IG live may be her treading more carefully. Back in April, the 17-year-old rapper took to Instagram live to address the black fishing accusations over her hair and makeup. Criticism claimed that Bhad Bhabie was trying to look black.

Following those accusations, she delivered a rant in which she claimed she was not trying to look like another race, and then repeatedly asked, “Who wants to be Black?!?” Furthermore, The female rapper angrily stated that if she wanted to be black you would hear her saying, ‘I’m Black. I’m Black.’



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