Bill Cosby is Denied Motion to Save Himself

Bill Cosby is Denied Motion to Save Himself

Words by Melissa Gabriel

Just a few days before sentencing, the judge denied Bill Cosby’s motion to step down from the sexual assault case. Cosby’s team made the attempt to get the motion approved because of what they believe to be a personal grudge from a pre-trial witness.

Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill has seen the case through two trials, and 15 defense lawyers since Cosby’s arrest on Dec. 30, 2015.

Although there have been testimonies of a binding agreement in the past that warranted Cosby to not be prosecuted, Judge O’Neil disagreed ruling the case could go forward. O’neil felt like the request is too late and meritless.

The judge then addressed the merit of the claim, explaining that he served his first six years on the bench with Castor as D.A. and no one ever complained of such a grudge. “This court simply has no bias against any witness called by the defense or the Defendant himself,” writes O’Neill in the decision, which is posted below.



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