BlocBoy JB and J Gwalla’s Take “Shots” in Memphis Trap House

BlocBoy JB and J Gwalla's Take "Shots" in Memphis Trap House

Words by Anastasia Daphnis

“Look Alive” rapper BlocBoy JB, alongside Memphs, Tennesse rapper JC Gwalla team up again to collaborate on their new single “Shots” produced by 21-year-old Memphis producer Tay Keith. Tay Keith is also responsible for the top 10 hit “Look Alive”, so it’s no doubt that this track is fire.

Directed by Yo Ali, the audiovisual showcases a night in the “trap” while the Memphis rappers flex and rap for the camera. In various clips you will see men in the trap chilling, showing off their Aks and Tommy Guns, sporting ski masks. And ofcourse, you can see BlocBoy doing his most recently famed dance “Shoot” throughout the video.

The theme of the video is violence according to an exclusive interview with Gwalla and XXL Magazine. However, the artist pointed out that he doesn’t want to promote violence but that he is speaking on the realities of the life of him and his peers.

According to the interview, the rappers plans for 2018 is “to rise and keep rising to the top and get recognized in the industry, take my talents to the top and become a successful artist,”. With this trap banger, and BlocBoy’s co-sign, he is sure to do just that.

Check out BlocBoy and Gwalla’s video here:

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