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Bow Wow Shares He Dated Blac Chyna & Keyshia Cole

Bow Wow Shares He Dated Blac Chyna & Keyshia Cole

Bow Wow Shares He Dated Blac Chyna & Keyshia Cole

Bow Wow reveals he use to date Keyshia Cole and Blac Chyna! He shares his relationship with Blac Chyna and Keyshia Cole in an interview and talks about his album!

We know Bow Wow is a bit of a playboy. He hasn’t been too shy about that either. The rapper has shared his past relationships before, one of which was his relationship with Angela Simmons. His relationship with Simmons was a hot topic and featured a storyline on the Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta, a reality TV series.

Bow Wow Shares He Dated Blac Chyna & Keyshia Cole

Furthermore, on a recent episode of the Growing Up Hip-Hop spinoff, Bow Wow suggests the idea of making an album where each track is dedicated to a woman that he’d dated. Bow Wow discussed the plot with his mother who seemed uneasy about the idea.

“I know how all my fans love the relationship, girl records,” he said. “So I said, Imma do a whole album like that, but Imma call it Letter to My Exes. Each song is about a girl who I shared a piece of my life with. There’s gonna be a little bit of backlash from it. You just gotta wait and see. I know they’re gonna be nervous. The women will be nervous because it’s Bow so what is he gonna say.”

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While continuing his conversation with his mom, his mother warned him about the potential consequences of name dropping. “Well, yeah. There’s a girl in there that used to strip,” said Bow. “I’m talking about a girl who went from dancing to she hit the lotto. Blac Chyna.” Aside from these women, Bow Wow has also dated Ciara, Erica Mena,  Joie Chavis, and Kiyomi Leslie.

Bow Wow dropped hints about his album before in a previous Q&A’s one of which happened over Twitter after revealing his son’s name.

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