2 Bartenders Accuse Cardi B of Ordering Attack on Them for Sleeping With Offset


Words by Andre Kettle

Cardi B is in hot water right now. According to two bartenders who are sisters, Jade and Baddie G, someone from the Invasion of Privacy rapper’s entourage began throwing bottles and chairs at them, that led up to severe injuries.

The incident popped off at Angel’s Strip Club in New York City due to accusations that one of the bartenders was sleeping with Bardi’s husband Offset.

Even though Cardi did not come in contact with them, the bartenders claimed she threw at least one bottle and yelled “I’m blood and I’ll f**k you b*****s up!”

Apparently this is old beef and things went 0-100 in the past. On August 15th five people that were affiliated with the Bronx native attacked Jade. She claims that she was punched, had her hair pulled, and hit with an ashtray.

Now the sisters have now hired lawyer Joe Tacopina, who still currently represents Meek Mill. They plan to go to the authorities and have a formal investigation started. According to TMZ, Joe told both his clients to file a report and have Cardi B listed as the defendant.

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