Dave Chapelle Calls Daniel Caesar ‘Very Gay’

Dave Chapelle Calls Daniel Caesar 'Very Gay'

Words by Eboni Euniece

Dave Chappelle is in the hot seat with the LGBT community once again. After his last special the community labeled him as both trans/homophobic. They felt his jokes and opinions on their community were tired and unneeded.  This time because he called the very straight singer Daniel Caeser “very gay.”

Caesar’s initial reaction was “Wtf was that?” He was immediately offended. The comment did come out of nowhere. Dave’s argument was that he’s a comedian and that Daniel was being sensitive. Caesar even said himself maybe he’s being sensitive and taking his self-help too seriously. The only voice of reason and the only sober one at the time was a mutual friend, who brought the 2 together in first place, John Mayer. The 2 were on his IG live show for the fans. Unfortunately, the awkward exchange made fans quite uncomfortable.

The judgment for all 3 entertainers rang very differently. John Mayer was praised for his de-escalation and problem resolution. Caesar is felt to be the victim of toxic masculinity and unconsciously denouncing his own feeling for the benefit of someone in a bigger position. Chappelle is being seen as being manipulative calling Caesar amazing but then saying he’s a comedian and his thoughts confirmed Ceaser is being sensitive. Caesar embraces Chappelle and tells him not to worry about it while exclaiming how big of a fan he is. Chappelle then said he feels bad about making him feel bad but followed it with “I’m never gonna fight about him feeling bad.” It leaves a confusion about whether or not the comedian is actually apologetic. 

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