Does Beto Still Have the BeeHive?

Does Beto Still Have the BeeHive?

Words by Eboni Euniece

In 2018 Beto O’Rourke ran for US Senate against Ted Cruz. He lost a pretty close race but most supporters weren’t mad as it opened the opportunity for to possibly run for president.

However, the supporters that were mad decided to direct the blame to Iconic singer Beyonce. The singer released Instagram multiple Instagram post showing off her Beto hat in support of his campaign. Supporters of Beto’s campaign felt that had the singer showed her support a little sooner her mass following would’ve made the difference at the polls.

The Beehive, of course, had their queen’s back. The fans argued that it is not Beyonce’s job to get voters to the polls for Beto but Beto’s himself obviously. The singer was just proudly showing off who she was in support of which she has the right to without becoming a target for public scrutiny. Since when does an Instagram post equate to leading the campaign trail? Does this mean Beyonce might keep her vote to herself this time or continue her support of her fellow Texan?

Either way, Beto decided to leave the small positions behind him and aim higher. The beloved smiley Democrat is now running for president. He’s very passionate about the problems of everyday Americans, minorities, and has a pretty big millennial following. Be sure to check him out when researching candidates at

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