Deadshot Character Removed From ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel, Idris Elba to Play New Character

Deadshot Character Removed From 'Suicide Squad' Sequel

Idris Elba was rumored to replace Will Smith in the sequel to DC’s Suicide Squad. Turns out production has taken a turn and Elba will be playing a new character altogether.

Director James Gunn and all involved agreed they wanted to actually move on from the idea of Elba being the Deadshot character. So now fans are wondering who will Elba play? Also, does this mean the Deadshot role is up for grabs? Some are hoping this means we will actually get to see the return on Will Smith’s Deadshot. Smith did say he really enjoyed playing the role.

Are DC fans in for a bigger surprise than predicted? One thing is for sure, DC is trying to make a comeback for their live-action movie series. Their latest adaption, Shazam!, dropped this weekend and they’re competing with Marvel’s ticket sales for Avengers: End Game.

When the tickets for the highly-anticipated superhero flick went on sale, all the movie ticket websites and apps shut down. The competition is steep. Hopefully, Elba’s new character will boost things up for the DC cinematic universe.

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