[WATCH] J. Cole and Lil Pump Interview Each Other

[WATCH] J. Cole and Lil Pump Interview Each Other

J. Cole finally released the video of him interviewing Lil Pump, after teasing it for weeks.

The conversation went down and was recorded at Cole’s The Sheltuh studio in North Carolina. The interview has a positive vibe and they pretty much answered everything that their fans may want to know.

The KOD rapper kicked it off by explaining how the two hatched out their tension. He even admitted that he thought Pump was trolling him when he called to patch things up.

“We ended up speaking on the phone,” he reveals. “Somebody called my phone and you was there with them. I ain’t gonna lie, I thought you was trying to set me up or some shit. I was like, ‘Yo, he’s 17 and a massive troll.’ I think you wanted to FaceTime right?…Cause my album had just dropped like a week before that, so I thought if I FaceTimed you, I thought you’d just screenshot that shit and go right to Twitter and keep running with it more.”

Cole made it a point to express that he truly felt the “Gucci Gang” rapper was smarter than he lets the world know.

Check out the interview in its entirety above.

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