Joey Bada$$ Settles $1.5 Million Lawsuit With Donald Trump Impersonator

Words by Eboni Euniece

Joey Badass’s settles $1.5 million lawsuit with comedian Phillip Wilburn.

In September 2016 the actor, best known for his Donald Trump impersonation, was performing at an MTV event in L.A. with fellow Hillary Clinton impersonator when he was pushed off stage by the rapper.

At first Badass claimed Wilburn fell and was the cause of his own harm because he shouldn’t have been on the stage. The actor was actually booked to be there and video footage recorded by a fan supported the claim that he was in fact pushed off the stage. The 50-year-old actor suffered from the fall and had to pay $1,000 in medical expenses, required surgery that costed him $25,000, totaling a loss of $500,000 in profits. This led him to the decision to sue.

When the story broke in March 2017 that the rapper was being sued it further ignited his position as a political artist and anti-Trump. Badass felt that if anything his music would get him into more trouble, possibly blackballed, because of his very direct vociferation of POTUS and the current political state of American government in his sophomore album All Amerikkkan Bada$$.

The 24-year-old was already shedding light concerning himself in politics from his 2015 spot on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show discussion the presidential candidates. During the show he stated he didn’t feel a relation to either candidates Hillary or Trump. He’s looking to vote for someone who cares about issues that affect his people like police brutality.

Months after the album dropped, landing No.2 on the Billboard Hip Hop charts by then end of April, Badass was regretting even mentioning Trump in the first place. In following interviews with CNN and London’s, Evening Standard, the rapper told interviewers that his narrative was taken the wrong way. He hadn’t made the album to be political but to speak on the times and draw attention to the struggles of the under represented in America. It had nothing to do with race or Trump. These problems were the same under Obama for him. Trump just made it worse. However, the main objective isn’t to attack Trump but to focus on fixing these issues.

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