Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Doesn’t Want to Spoil Her Kids


There isn’t a manual that explains how to raise a celebrity kid. But Kim Kardashian is certain that she doesn’t want to spoil her kids rotten.

“I worry about giving my kids too much. We don’t do gifts. They have to really earn it. But we talk about it all the time, about not getting too much and just trying to be as grounded and well-rounded as possible,” the mother of 3 writes in a Wealthsimple essay.

She also admits that the Paris robbery was a humbling experience, and made her less materialistic than she was before:

“I don’t like presents anymore. I just don’t want that stuff right now. I don’t buy a lot. I used to buy myself something every birthday and just be like, ‘OK, if I work hard all year then I can treat myself to something—like a car or a pair of earrings. Something that I really wanted all year. But I’ve been getting rid of my cars. I used to really care. I loved cars. I still like them and I have a certain look, but I don’t care like I used to.”

Although Kim had wealthy parents, she made her own fortune over time. As a teenager, she juggled working at a retail store and at her late father’s Robert Kardashian’s office.

“I always was working. I never asked people for money. That was never really my thing,” she says. “I always just figured it out.” Now, Kim is unsure if “it will be the same” for her kids. “It’s a different time. I don’t know if I’m going to do that. I’d have to discuss that with Kanye.”

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