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King Von’s Sister Kayla B Denies Being In Love With Rapper

King Von’s Sister Kayla B Denies Being In Love With Rapper

ing Von's Sister Kayla B Denies Being In Love With Rapper

Kayla B, the half-sister of King Von, has been heavily riding for the rapper since his death. Kayla B has defended Von against those speaking down on her brother.

Most recently, Kayla B duked it out with Cuban Doll and posted the fight video to Twitter. Furthermore, Kayla B is still clearing the air. Most recently, fans have been accusing Kayla B of being in love with her late brother. After old tweets have resurfaced on the internet, fans claim that Kayla is too invested in King Von’s personal life. Her investment is rumored that the two could possibly have incestuous ties.

In addition to the rumors, Kayla B reappeared on her Instagram live, denying that she had that kind of relationship with her brother.

“Get y’all sick nasty asses on. Do I look like I’m from Down South?” Kayla asked. “Me and my brother we from Chicago. We’re not from Down South where people f*ck they brothers and sisters. All y’all that sayin’ that, I hope y’all grandma die ’cause that’s some nasty sh*t.”

Continuing on, some people suggested that they dated before knowing they were related. However, Kayla says that just isn’t true. Sticking with her story, she shares that she always knew Von was her brother. However, she also shares that the two separated after Kayla’s dad passed away.

“Ima say this one time and one time only. Number one, I always knew Von was my f*cking brother. My daddy had us around when we was all little and everything — but of course when my dad passed we got separated. But come on now who the f*ck want to forget their brothers and sisters,” she states.

Twitter continues to speculate the Rapper and his sister’s relationship. What do you guys think is the nature of their relationship?

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