Lil Wayne Ordered to Take Paternity Test for Alleged Son


Lil Wayne is a proud father of four, but according to one woman, he has five children.

TMZ reports that Weezy must take a paternity test for to determine if he’s the father of Keiotia Watson’s 16-year-old son. Legal documents claim that Watson and Tunechi had sexual relations back in June 2001, and her son Dwayne was born in February 2002. So you do the math.

In 2015, Watson went to court to establish paternity and to demand child support, in which a Louisiana judge ruled in her favor, and ordered the rapper to cough up $5,000 month. However, he never paid a cent.

Sources close to Wayne says he didn’t pay because he was never notified that he was the legally the father, however, he is willing to take a paternity test and if he is the father, he intends on taking full responsibility.

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