Madonna Observed Thanksgiving In Malawi With All Six Of Her Children

Madonna lives full-time in Portugal nowadays, to the astonishment of many. She’s likewise been investing a considerable measure of energy in Malawi the previous couple of years particularly. She received four youngsters from Malawi, the two older kids, David Banda and Mercy James, and the two youngest girls, Stelle and Estere. I will in general trust that Madonna’s Malawi adoptions were somewhat hokey and there were a considerable measure of legitimate trickeries and settlements made, and as a component of that bargain, Madonna likely needs to bring David, Mercy, Stelle and Estere to Malawi a specific measure of time. Along these lines, nothing unexpected, Madonna brought her entire family down to Malawi for the Thanksgiving holiday. Lourdes is still in college, yet even she had time off, enough to fly down. Madonna posted the photo of her kids on her social media, with this message:

What I am Most THANKFUL for! My Children have led me down roads and opened doors I never imagined I’d walk through.♥️ Fame , Fortune and Records Broken could never equal that which I treasure and value most. #blessed #grateful #family 🌍 Happy ThanksGiving from Malawi!

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