Master P’s Rap Snacks Will be Available in Over 4,000 Walmart Locations

Master P's Rap Snacks Will be Available in Over 4,000 Walmart Locations

Rap Snacks was launched in 1994 and in just a couple years, the potato chips has grown exponentially from a viral sensation to a must-have convenient store item. Master P, who served as brand manager for years during the inital launch, is helping the brand expand.

During an appearance on The Beat With Ari on MSNBC P announced that he’s bringing Rap Snacks to 4,200 Walmart locations nationwide.

Rap Snacks were originally available in only Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philly. Then the brand pretty much went on mute around 2011. But five years after that, the Migos got their own ranch flavor chips and even recorded a jingle for it. Now the rest is history.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Master P shared his personal experience about the perception he receives for being a diverse Black business man. “I had a situation the other day where I met with a guy and he was like, ‘I expected you to be a whole different person” ’cause I was prejudged by music — not the business that I’m creating to build an empire and to build a generation of wealth for your family,” Master P revealed. “You have to make changes.”

Check out the full convo below:

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