New Evidence in R. Kelly Case Reveals he told Joycelyn Savage to Lie


Words by Eboni Euniece

The family of Joycelyn Savage is not backing down despite her public cries that they’re lying about her situation.

The Savages have now revealed they have digital records that they say display underlying tactics from R. Kelly and his employees. One of them is Cheryl Mack, an ex-assistant who allegedly was responsible for putting Joycelyn and R. Kelly together in the first place. The Savages were said to have handed over this evidence to Federal investigators. The evidence contains a recording of R.Kelly coercing Joycelyn into lying, explaining how he would conceal their relationship, and making her text him a statement saying she’s lying if she ever came out to the public saying her truths.

The evidence also reveals emails between the Savages and Mack, as well as social media messages from R.Kelly’s team that prove he had people working for him to get more young girls. Things are not looking up for Mr. Kelly.

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