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Jeezy Announces That He Lost His Mother

Jeezy Announces That He Lost His Mother

Condolences To The Passing Of The Mother of Jeezy

The news about the mother of Jeezy passing is very sad. Rapper Jeezy, 43, announces the passing of his ‘angel’ mother Sandra Rose.

To keep news respectful this will be a short one. Rapper Jeezy announced the tragic passing of his mother Sandra Rose late Wednesday.

The 43-year-old rapper, lost his mother due to an undisclosed health battle. Additionally, Jeezy shares masked-up funeral photos on Instagram which was followed by a video of her singing. The performer wrote a heartfelt caption as he signed off saying he’s “forever” his mom’s baby.

He goes on to tributing to his “super hero.” His caption is filled with him reflecting on the woman who inspired him and gave him the confidence to be a leader.

“You taught me to be a man when I was a boy. Made me man up be a father when I was a kid. Raised me to be a natural born leader when I was lost,” Jeezy began. “You lifted me when I was down. Inspired me when I had no inspiration. Always told me I was Bigger than my circumstances. My Super Hero. Feared nothing or no one. No obstacle or set backs.”

Our condolences go out to Jeezy during this hard time. It is typically the worst moment to lose your mother and a parent overall. We hope he is able to mourn in peace.

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