Pretty Ricky Says There’s No More Love Making Music

Pretty Ricky Says There's No More Love Making Music

Pretty Ricky are reminding us why they ran things in the 2000s during the New Millennium Tour.

The group sat down with Two Bees TV to exclusively talk about how the reunion tour came about. “The timing couldn’t be any better,” Pleasure P said.

“A lot of people are reflecting back on [the 2000s era]. What are some differences in the music game from then to now?” Miss2Bees asks. “We was talking about making love,” Pleasure responds. “It’s not a lot of that anymore.” Spectacular interrupted, “It’s none of it.”

“It’s more turn up. What you got. Show it off. But it’s not like showing a man how to court a woman or being able to put that Pretty Ricky CD in your car and let it play from front to back, and let it kinda set the mood for your whole entire evening.”

Would you agree that there’s no more love-making music? Check out the full interview below:

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