Did You Know R. Kelly Contributed to Bryson Tiller’s Classic Debut Album, ‘TRAPSOUL’?

Did You Know R. Kelly Contributed to Bryson Tiller's Classic Debut Album, 'TRAPSOUL'?

R. Kelly was considered to be the King of R&B before Lifetime released their explosive docu-series detailing years of sexual abuse against numerous women, including minors, by the hands of the singer.

But prior to the project’s impact, Kells’ timeless hits and pen was very much still respected in the R&B game. Which explains why he had a hand in Bryson Tiller’s debut album, TRAPSOUL.

The Chicago singer has writing credits in the second song of the album, “Let Em Know.” Joshua Scruggs is also a credited writer, alongside Tiller himself. The song was produced by Syk Sense.

There’s no telling if they actually worked side-by-side on the record, but it wouldn’t have been hard to coordinate considering they were label mates at the time under RCA Records.

R. Kelly must’ve been feeling the TRAPSOUL singer’s vibe because he went on to sample his breakthrough single, “Don’t”, in the song below, “Wanna Be There” featuring Ariiraye.

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