Comedian Tiffany Haddish is Afraid to have Children Due to Racism

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Words by Andre Kettle

Tiffany Haddish was a special guest on NBA Star Carmelo Anthony’s show, What’s in Your Glass, discussing about how fearful she is to have children.

The actor joined Melo on his show to talk about how her children would be “hunted” because of the color of their skin. They also talked about various topics such as her career trajectory, circulating the Black dollar in the community, and her place in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Anthony started off the interview complimenting Haddish’s new hairstyle and asking her what’s in her cup, “Orange juice with vodka … I’m trying to keep my immune system up,” she responded.

When Carmelo asked Tiffany about one of her fears parenting, she responded “I have watched many of my friends, more than two, be killed by police officers. It makes you feel like dang … as a Black person we are being hunted,” Tiffany said.

She continued, “We’re hunted and we’re slaughtered and they get this license to kill us and that’s not okay. I’m older now and people always ask ‘When you going to have some babies?” The Girls Trip star says that she has always felt this way.

In a comedic way, she shared how as she has gotten older the pressure for her to have children is coming from people in her circle. Her response, according to her is that it’s an excuse about money and/or finding a person to be with, but then admits it’s something deeper – that many Black women feel.

“I would hate to give birth to someone that looks like me … knowing that they will be hunted or killed. Why would I put someone through that?”

Anthony and Tiffany shifted their conversations on ways to fix some of the inequalities Black people face.

“We need to find some common ground, and move forward as human beings,” said Haddish.

She also talked about She’s Ready Foundation, her nonprofit dedicated to supporting foster youth. The conversation continued with the pair discussing educations, where the Black community will be in 5 years, Haddish’s growth, and more.


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