Tip Of The Day: How To Take Back Your Shady Snaps

Snapchat revealed a unique feature today that permits any user to erase any messages they send in individual or group conversations.

For example, if you accidentally Snapchat message your dad “nice bod,” but meant to send that to your bestie instead, you can now use the “Clear Chats” feature to forbid all the awkwardness ever.

Take back those nudes that you didn’t meant to send or that remark you really didn’t want to make.

Before, Snappers were able to clear their conversations, but not delete or take back an accidental message. With this new feature, you can at last delete a shady message—assuming your buddy hasn’t already been screenshotted it.

How to Delete a Snapchat message:

  1. Pull up Snapchat
  2. Swipe over to the chat column, where you’ll see all your recent conversations
  3. Select a conversation
  4. Press and hold the the message
  5. Hit the “Delete” option


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