Tyler Perry Actually Collected a Check From ‘Black Panther’

Tyler Perry Actually Collected a Check From 'Black Panther'

Following the ground breaking success of Marvel’s blockbuster, Black Panther, fans have been expressing their appreciation for the film all over social media.

Of course, the memes and the jokes followed as well, and one of the funniest jokes was about Tyler Perry about Madea going to Wakanda, the imaginary country in Africa in Black Panther. However, Perry took to Twitter to humbly change the direction of the joke.

Apparently, everyone thought that Perry wanted a piece of the Black Panther pie, and he already ate! According to the tweet above, Black Panther was the first film shot on the new stages at Tyler Perry studios.

So in a nutshell, Black Panther was a film about blackness, starring a predominantly Black cast, directed and produced (in part) by Black men, a partly filmed on a set owned by a Black man. Talk about Black excellence!

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