WAIT, WHET?: Kim Kardashian Succeeds in Freeing Inmate Alice Marie Johnson


When Kim Kardashian West learned that Alice Marie Johnson, a nonviolent drug offender serving a life sentence, would be freed, she spilled the beans to her in a tearful phone call.

“I was like ‘you’re going home,’ ” Kardashian said Thursday, remembering the conversation with Johnson.

Johnson, 63, who had already spent nearly a third of her life in prison, shouted in utter joy.

“We cried, maybe, on the phone for like three minutes straight,” Kardashian told CNN’s Van Jones, reiterating her advocacy for Alice Marie Johnson, and her part in President Donald Trump’s choice to grant Johnson clemency.

This turned out to be a sweet ending to the ongoing mission Kardashian said she joined after reading of the story behind Johnson’s case on her Twitter feed around about seven months ago.

Asked by Jones what drew her attention to Johnson’s case, Kardashian said she “felt this connection” to Johnson when she learned about her story.

“She lost her longtime job, got a divorce, her son died,” she added. “Everything was going so bad for her, and she got desperate.”

Kardashian said: “I felt like she’s a good person. You can see that in her.”

So, the reality TV star started her mission to help.

She communicated with Ivanka Trump to plead Johnson’s case and even asked to set up a meeting with her father, Kardashian said.

“I know that you have compassion for women like this,” she recalled telling Ivanka Trump.

“She immediately felt it,” Kardashian said of Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka then connected Kardashian with her husband, Jared Kushner, who took interest in Johnson’s case too, according to Kardashian.

Several phone calls with the White House followed this. But Kardashian did not want all the credit for Johnson’s release and so she acknowledged the advocacy of others who were also trying to help Johnson throughout the years.

“I did what I knew how to do,” she said.

“Everyone has brought attention to this case and I just happened to see it on Twitter. So, I do want to give credit where credit is due to everyone that’s been working so hard on this for so long for her.”

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