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10 Tips For Independent Artist From Dame Dash

10 Tips For Independent Artist From Dame Dash

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Damon “Dame” Dash is known as one of the CEOs of Roc-A-Fella Records which was home to JAY-Z, Dipset, State Property, and more Hip Hop icons.

Dash is a controversial figure for his abrasive, take-no-nonsense approach but if you ask him, he’d most likely credit his Harlem roots for his attitude.

Although he is no longer linked to Roc-a-Fella Records, his legacy can’t be undone and he continued to accomplish many more business endeavors.

With his years of experience he has he has gathered very reliable tips and information that can help anyone who wants to create their own business.

Dame Dash Top 10 Tips

1.Stand Out From The Crowd

Before starting on anything it is a good idea to begin to question who you are and what you want to do. While it is a great idea to know what is the new trend, it is also important to take who you are and embrace it to stand out from the crowd. Work hard to not be a part of it, but to stand out and become a legend.

2. Build A Brand

This goes hand-in-hand with building a voice that will represent who you are and who you want to be. Yes, it is hard to build a brand but this brand/voice will be what follows and helps create and support you. The brand has to be something that can be used time and time again. It is not just a theme but the subject that makes people recognize you for being unique.

3. Stay Consistent

Having an idea is easy, but starting is harder. It is so hard that you can procrastinate, but working hard and staying consistent to build up your brand is what allows you to gain followers, a market, a profit. For this tip, Dame Dash says “Stay consistent to become a destination.” Meaning that when you become a brand that is well-known, most popular, it is easier to become independent. While there is nothing wrong with pitching yourself to major companies, when having a proper independent brand “…they will come to you.” Thus allowing yourself to become independent, in control,  and no longer solicit yourself. 

4. Stay True

When you have created a brand that is well-known to the point where you have become independent it is important to stay true to it. Your brand will become a symbol of your lifestyle. A mirror that reflects who you are and who people expect you to be. So the choice of who you will be on day one will affect the future of your brand. If you keep changing the brand, the story, the person who you want to be; followers will not be able to keep up with the constant change.

5. The New “Business Model”

The new model is to manage your audience, know the product, and get experience. This is a tip in learning how a business works. The main reason being this, it is easier to ask for help when you understand how things work and why things can take as long as they need to. So if you hire an outsider there can be realistic expectations as to why production takes as long as it should. It also makes it easier to manage as well as help. 

6. Make Good Products And Get Obsessed With The Products

The basic understanding about making products, in this case music, is that you need it to be good. But there is a difference between putting in half the work and committing. Once you start a product it is vital to make it perfect. If it is worth making, make sure it will be worth creating. 

Which then leads to this: if it is worth creating then it should be worth it. There is nothing wrong with putting everything you have into the product. All that time you spent writing the lyrics should also be used into composing a melody. Nitpick every detail until it becomes as perfect as you want it to be. Something that not only makes you happy and satisfied, but makes you audience excited and overjoyed when released.

7. Be Independent

The biggest thing Dame Dash has said is to be independent. When you become independent you work even harder, it encourages you to grow and stand up for yourself. If you let yourself be caged and judged can cause turmoil, if making a perfect brand what you wanted then start working for independence.

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8. Get Prepared For The Downfalls

You have worked hard but now there are downfalls. A struggle. Do not let that stop you. It is going to cause pain, fear, and it may push you away but don’t stop. There has to be a pain in order to gain success, it will help you become stronger and create something worth fighting for. Wanting success is easy, but working for it and being torn apart and having to start again will forever be a part of your road to success. 

9. Be Accountable

You fight so hard to stand up and believe in something. Create something that helps others believe in you. If you send a message live by your word. When you lie you cannot escape reality. If the truth comes out you will have to hold accountability for your actions. So when creating your brand, create something you will be true to. 

If you say you are going to do something, then do it” -Damon “Dame” Dash

10. Be With Your Family

Yes, everything is going to take hard non-stop work. But always remember who you are doing this for. It is going to be for you, your future, and your family. Take the time to stay with them and wind down. Enjoy them and be with them. Knowing who this is all for can create the inspiration to work hard and create something greater. 

You can have a billion dollars; but, if you unhappy, you lonely, you broke” -Damon “Dame” Dash

To read more about his tips and trick to success you can watch this video here.

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