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Takeshi 6ix9ine Explains Hiatus Was Caused By Unhappiness

Takeshi 6ix9ine Explains Hiatus Was Caused By Unhappiness


Many artists use Instagram as a way to express their emotions and Tekashi 6ix9ine has recently done this. 

Since the rise of his reputation, the artist was known to be very active on his platforms. As an artist with a reputation, he showcased that in various ways online. And then one day fans wondered why the artist stayed quiet and no longer posted as much as he used to.

In a recent post, the artist has expressed his distaste for how money and fame no longer mean anything to him. The polarizing rapper is well known for using his platform to call out other artists, promote his music, and his lifestyle. But recently he has used his site to showcase his chaos in life and the reasons why he is unhappy. 


It first started out with this post. He talks about how he left for six months. He has worked so hard to get to where he is that his life got so chaotic that he started turning into an unhealthy weight gain. After leaving for some time he has lost weight and gave himself a well-deserved break. 

After this he yet again goes back to his usual posting style up until Easter Sunday.

Now that the artist is rarely seen in the public eye he posts from where he is currently located in. In the Dominican Republic, he used his social media as a confessional where he states that he is no longer happy. The post says:


Takeshi 6ix9ine reputation in the rap community has fluctuated a lot in recent years. From his startup to becoming “Snith9ine” after his 2018 RICO arrest. The 24-year-old artist has gone through a lot and now seems to reflecting and learning more about himself. You can follow him on Instagram and see his recent posts.