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Ariana Grande Claims To Be Bisexual On New Song “Monopoly”

Ariana Grande Claims To Be Bisexual On New Song “Monopoly”

Ariana Grande’s new tune, “Monopoly,” had fans worked up Monday night.

In the wake of dropping her most recent track, a duet with best friend and lyricist Victoria Monét, who also composed six different tunes on the “Thank U, Next” album, fans started to fixate on one explicit line in the tune that the two specialists sing: “I like ladies and men (definitely).”

Later in the tune, Grande sings the line solo.

Arianators quickly took to Twitter to question if the 25-year-old pop star was coming out as bisexual.

“Are u bisexual ma’am,” one fan questioned.

“But sis did you come out,” asked another, who wanted to be clear.

One fan said it didn’t make a difference whether Grande did or didn’t turn out, but assumed Grande was bisexual, expressing, “ariana ain’t gotta mark herself, but she said what she said.”

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Upon seeing this tweet, Grande responded and responded to the rumors.

“I haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now which is okay,” she wrote, including a black heart emoji and a fairy emoji.