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Black Rob’s Friend Said ‘Puff Always Been There’ At Late Rapper’s Funeral

Black Rob’s Friend Said ‘Puff Always Been There’ At Late Rapper’s Funeral

Black Rob's Friend Said 'Puff Always Been There' At Late Rapper's Funeral

After being called out by Black Rob‘s manager, another individual close to the late rapper actually defended Diddy at the funeral.

Former Bad Boy Records artist Black Rob passed away last month After dealing with a number of Health complications.

He was currently homeless and suffered  from 4 Strokes over the past 5 years. 

The “Whoa!” rapper’s Condition came to light after Black Rob made a video sending well wishes to DMX who was also fighting for his life in the hospital at the time. 

The Harlem native manager blasted Diddy after the mogul offer to pay for Rob’s funeral expenses. 

“People were dragging their feet and nothing got done. So now you gonna pay for his funeral, he dead and gone now! Everybody wanna do something for you when you dead and gone!”

Another individual who was close to Rob had a different tune and said that the anger was misplaced. “Also, when you talk about Puff Daddy — [Black Rob] needed medical help, Puff got him the best doctors, he got him the best everything. The best hotels, anything he wanted. He been there from zero day,” the man said.

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He continued, “Puff always been there. So shame on y’all if y’all in there talking bad about him. He always helped Rob. Even when we done already — Rob done blew through the money like, ‘Rob, how you went through all this money?’ ‘I don’t know but call Puff.’ Alright? We love y’all.”

Watch the clip from Black Rob’s funeral below:

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