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Cardi B Speaks Out On Daunte Wright’s Killing

Cardi B Speaks Out On Daunte Wright’s Killing

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On a recent Twitter rant Cardi B accuses “blue check Republicans” for keeping silent on the Daunte Wright killing. 

The artist is well known for speaking her mind and her own beliefs. Usually being on her own personal social media pages and platforms. Cardi B is known to respond to trolls, accusations, and most importantly she speaks up during social injustice experiences and politics. And while she is not the only one who is brave enough to call out politicians. She is certainly the loudest and most memorable mention in the hip hop and rapper industry.

During these last couple of weeks, it seems that there is a rise in police brutality and force. Making the artist speak and remind everyone just that.

Her recent post discusses her thoughts on the Daunte Wright shooting and the harassment of Caron Nazario. Nazario being a former lieutenant who got harassed by other police officers on the claims that something was wrong with his license plates.

Her recent rant starts off with the reminder of what the current situation is in the nation. She says, “This past week we have seen an American lieutenant that served his country get treated like an f-ing dog”. She then goes on to say, “…we have seen a young man get killed by a cop unarmed…”

In the minute-long video, the artist rants how “blue checked Republicans” are being silent”. She exclaims that “Y’all are the loudest in this mother-ing app. Yall not saying anything. Yall not complaining. Yall blame everything with what’s wrong  in  America besides the police.” 

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With the reminder of the ones who remain silent, it is to bring to attention who have spoken out. Bringing in to support the family of Wright, Obama and others have shared their prayers and hopes for reformation in the nation. 

Former President Obama also reshares the link on how to donate and help the Black Lives Matter movement and community.