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Cardi B Channeled Her Inner ‘Gangsta B*tch’ For DJ Khaled Collaboration ‘Big Paper’

Cardi B Channeled Her Inner ‘Gangsta B*tch’ For DJ Khaled Collaboration ‘Big Paper’

Cardi B Channeled Her Inner 'Gangsta B*tch' For DJ Khaled Collaboration 'Big Paper'

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Cardi B and DJ Khaled got another one!

Cardi has a number of commercial hits under her belt, but she had to channel “mixtape Cardi, like I ain’t a millionaire.” 

Fans are raving about her latest musical effort on DJ Khaled’s Khaled Khaled album.

Bardi took the time out to silence the naysayers who said that she can’t follow-up her Grammy-award winning debut album, Invasion of Privacy.

“I get big paper, so I deal with big haters (Yeah) / Got it out the mud, they ain’t do me no favors (None) / Got it out the club, they ain’t do me no favors (No) / Cardi this, Cardi that, make me more famous (Woo),” Cardi B rapped on the hook of the Tay Keith, DJ Khaled-produced record.

Listen to it below:

The Bronx rapper went on live ahead of the release of Khaled Khaled to clarify that she wrote and recorded “Big Paper” in less than two days. 

This is major for the “Bodak Yellow” who is always criticized for not writing her own songs.

We previously reported that Cardi B was a last minute addition to the highly-anticipated project.https://twitter.com/BardiGangUpdate/status/1387970167104212994

Check out Bardi Gang’s reaction to “Big Paper” below. What did you think bout the record? Let us know in the comments and you can stream the full album here.

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