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Fans React To Cardi B’s New Reebok Apparel

Fans React To Cardi B’s New Reebok Apparel

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On Monday April 13 Cardi B announced her first summer time clothing line in collaboration with Rebook.

Cardi B/Twitter

The grammy-winner announced her extended deal with Reebok, before being a sneaker deal.

Only this time she will be including an apparel line. And fans are already loving the styles and the inclusion of sizes. 

In her recent twitter post she announces :

Cardi B/Twitter

“I want to let y’all know these Reebok fits are designed to snatch you in. They are really tight around the stomach to try to give some shape. Also the tight are made to smooth out cellulites. I love a nice figure so I try to make something happen no matter what size you are.”

Fans instantly jumped for joy with this announcement. From crop tops to leggings the rapper wants people to feel and find comfort in their own bodies. And with the sizes the range from 2XS to 4XL, fans are excited to purchase and support. 

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Being teased on the style and colors many are excited. The colors range from lavender to darker colors and a lot of people are remember the nineties with this style. The colors and styles are inspired by the rappers’ summertime memories, hence the title of the clothing line. With the ever so conscious mind, Cardi was sure to include style women of all forms will enjoy and wear with pride and comfort. The line comes also with sports bras, jackets, and tights.

On her Twitter post fans showcased their love and excitement for the line. Replying with praises and thanking her for being inclusive of all.  

Fans are eager for the day they can purchase the line. The Summertime Fine Line will drop on April 23. And purchasing times open at 10 am eastern standard time. If you would like to purchase or browse around the link is right here.

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