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Chloe Bailey’s New Song and Upcoming Album

Chloe Bailey’s New Song and Upcoming Album

Chloe Bailey's New Song and Upcoming Album

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, Chloe Bailey announced her debut album “In Pieces” will drop in March. Today she released a new song, ‘Pray It Away.’

In the music video that accompanied the song, Bailey, 24, finds herself turning to church to pray the pain away that she’s endured from being involved with the wrong guy.

The video was directed by Madeline Kate Khan and it takes place in a historic church in downtown Los Angeles church. Bailey is interpretive dancing in a white dress to show her frustration with getting hurt and deceived.

She prays and cries pleading with God to strip her of her heartache.

“And if the option’s violence, don’t make me choose it, God knows my heart, I’m wildin’, wildin’, So close to doin’ somethin’,” she sings.

When discussing her upcoming project, the singer shares that she’s being vulnerable and her most honest self in the music. “I have been the rawest, the most vulnerable, and the most open I have been in my entire life with this album.”

The artist had previously shared with her fans online that she was having difficulties with releasing the album.

Chloe Bailey’s first album “In Pieces” will drop sometime in March.