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Chris Brown Housekeeper Sues Him Over “Vicious Dog Attack”

Chris Brown Housekeeper Sues Him Over “Vicious Dog Attack”

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A former housekeeper is suing Chris Brown over a vicious dog attack that happened on his property. And then she claims he tried to cover it up when 911 was called.

The housekeeper, who is going by the name of Jane Doe, claims that the dog that attacked her was Chris Brown’s dog. The dog is a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka named Hades. And she claims she got attacked in December when she was working at the Tarzana residence.

The story goes that Jane Doe was outside throwing out trash when out of nowhere the canine appeared and began to attack her. Various injuries followed including tears and rips from her arm, face, and body.

While this is just one portion of the story, the housekeeper and her sister have filed a lawsuit. All of them containing stories about how Chris Brown and others were at the residence. But did not help her even when she can be heard screaming for help.

This part of the story goes on with the housekeeper stating that when Chris Brown and co finally came to help her, he directed someone to take the dogs away before help arrived. Which then proceeded with her having extensive surgery and a fight for her life. As she tried to recover from the traumatic experience.

She also recounts how when authorities questioned the event Chris Brown was able to redirect the questions. Misleading the authorities and those who were asking questions. There were also claims that he lied and had said that he did not know what happened.

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Hades the dog was then euthanized weeks later at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter after finding the dog to be dangerous. An unclear event, as to people begin to question why the dog was in a different county altogether.

Chris Brown’s legal team has yet to respond to these events.