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Two Bees TV: De’Aundre Bonds Reveals He Auditioned for Lead Role in ‘Dead Presidents’

Two Bees TV: De’Aundre Bonds Reveals He Auditioned for Lead Role in ‘Dead Presidents’

Two Bees TV: De'Aundre Bonds Reveals He Auditioned for Lead Role in 'Dead Presidents'

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De’Aundre Bonds described his role as Skully in Snowfall as a “second chance” that was gifted to him by the late John Singleton.

The late filmmaker handpicked the Los Angeles native to portray an actual man that he knew that behaved just like the television character.

“Well, I could say this John’s vision is coming to pass in a way that he meant it to come to pass. And he really knew a brother. That’s a real character, Skully, and John knew him and he told me he how he wanted him before he passed,” the veteran actor said in the exclusive Zoom interview below.

He added, “Skully was a wild person, but he ran a lot of things. He was he was about his business and he wasn’t no joke, you know? And John told me that, um, with that knowledge that he shared with me, I’m just gonna, you know, do my, my greatest, you know what I mean, to make my brother proud and you know, to let the world know, that he knows what he’s doing and everything he touches turn platinum.”

De’Aundre Bonds has been the go-to actor for LA movies, but he expressed his desire to portray more serious roles.

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Bonds told Miss2Bees that he previously auditioned for the role of Anthony Curtis in Dead Presidents, which eventually went to Larenz Tate. He also auditioned to portray Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton.

Do you think he would’ve killed it? Watch the full interview below:

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