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DJ Kay Slay, Hip Hop Icon Dies at 55 After 4-Month Covid Battle

DJ Kay Slay, Hip Hop Icon Dies at 55 After 4-Month Covid Battle

Keith Grayson, profoundly known as DJ Kay Slay, has passed away after a 4-month battle with Covid-19. He was 55 years old. Kay Slay was a Harlem-raised graffiti artist and DJ, whose work inspired and influenced the Hip Hop industry and culture, as a whole.


His artwork appeared in multiple exhibits and documentaries, including the 1983 cult documentary “Style Wars”. In the late 80’s he transitioned into the music scene. Kay Slay produced mixtapes for notable rappers such as Jay-Z and Eminem when they were up and coming, as per CNN. By the early 2000’s he then became one of Hip Hop’s legendary mixtape DJs. As mentioned in previous reports, He has released over 500 mixtapes in 10 years since his first in 1994.


DJ Kay Slay was also the host of Drama Hour, which aired on the Hot 97 radio station in New York, on Fridays from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. 

A statement reads,

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“Hot 97 is shocked and saddened by the loss of our beloved DJ Kay Slay. We cherish the many memories created through the twenty-plus years he dedicated to the Drama Hour”.


There is no doubt that DJ Kay Slay’s grind, hustle, and dedication contributed to much of his success. As millions grieve his tragic death, his legacy shall live on forever and influence the next generation of Hip Hop.