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Drake’s LA Property Was Burglarized

Drake’s LA Property Was Burglarized

Drake's LA Property Was Burglarized

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, a man broke into Drake’s $75 million Los Angeles property while he wasn’t there. His security called the cops.

Security told law enforcement that they. witnessed an unknown man exiting the premises with an item in hand. When the police arrived, the suspect had disappeared. They reviewed security camera footage and a few hours after, a search was conducted around the neighborhood, and he was found walking down a street. He was arrested.

Drake, 36, recently bought the mansion in early 2022. It was previously owned by singer and songwriter, Robbie Williams. It’s a 20.000 square feet fortress resting on over 20 acres of land with a whopping 11-car garage, 10 bedrooms, a wine cellar, and more.

The rapper’s LA home has been broken into before this incident. Back in July of 2022, the Canadian rapper’s home was attacked by a 23-year-old suspect claiming to be his son. Employees caught him strolling around Drake’s pool house and immediately alerted the authorities and he was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing.

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A similar instance almost occurred last March when a woman attempted to get on Drake’s Bridle Path mansion in his hometown, Ontario, Canada. The woman was allegedly armed with a knife but she was nowhere near Drake. According to police, however, the woman assaulted his security officer with a metal pipe.