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Fat Joe Shares That He’s ‘One Million Percent’ Taking The COVID-19 Vaccine

Fat Joe Shares That He’s ‘One Million Percent’ Taking The COVID-19 Vaccine

Fat Joe Shares That He's 'One Million Percent' Taking The COVID-19 Vaccine

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Fat Joe has been having a prosperous year despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that put a pause on production and live events.

He has an Instagram live series, which is executive produced by his daughter, and he plans to expand the brand with Diddy’s help. “We got the big, big show that we’re going to expand right now on Revolt. Me and Diddy are partners and we’re looking to put it on Amazon or Netflix. I’m looking to become the new David Letterman, no lie. Arsenio Hall, David Letterman … Performances, the set, the J. Los, Beyonce’s, Drake interviews. The JAY-Z’s … That’s what I’m really focused on,” the legendary New York rapper revealed during a Zoom conversation.

Fat Joe’s popular series not only features his Hip Hop friends, but he invited medical professionals like Dr. Fauci to help Joe educate his audience.

When asked if he’s comfortable with taking the COVID-19 vaccine, the “All The Way Up” rapper said, “one million percent.”

He continued explaining that his parents already took the vaccine. ” I took my mother and father yesterday to get the vaccine at six in the morning. I went, picked them up, took them. Forced them to get the vaccine and we went there. And I don’t think they’re going to create a vaccine and give it to essential workers first and try to, ya know. In the hood, we got too many tales. But we done did the craziest things on Earth that’s a million times worse than the vaccine. My aunt from the Bronx isn’t trying to hear about the vaccine but I told my parents ‘don’t listen to her.’ Thank God we were able to get it.

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The pandemic has impacted everyone differently. For Fat Joe, he feels like his durability was tested. “I’m built for everything. Fat Joe is built for everything. I’m not gonna lie. If this was the Roman days I would’ve had a sword on the frontline. I was terrified, a lot of my friends died especially in New York that was the epicenter,” he said before speaking candidly about falling in the high-risk spectrum. “It says [COVID-19] attacks overweight people and people with diabetes, and that’s me. I’m overweight and pre-diabetic, so I was scared.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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