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Beverly Hills Surgeon Offers Gorilla Glue Girl Free Treatment

Beverly Hills Surgeon Offers Gorilla Glue Girl Free Treatment

'Gorilla Glue Girl' Tessica Brown's Hair is Still In Tact Following Successful Surgery

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon offers to treat the #GorillaGlueGirl hair for free. Gorilla Glue Girl is reportedly traveling to Beverly Hills to get the $12,500 procedure.

Women Dubbed as Gorilla Glue Girl Receives Offer For Free Treatment From Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Tessica Brown was recently dubbed as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” after sharing a video of her on Tiktok. For those who don’t know, in the video Brown shares with her audience what she used to style her hair. It was the “stiff where? My hair,” for me.

“Hey y’all,” she says. “For those of y’all who knows me knows that my hair has been like this for about a month now. It’s not by choice.”


Continuing on in her story, Brown shares what happened next in an interview.

“I got with my sisters. I got with my mom. Everyone was trying to give me different things about what to do to wash it out, but after that month passed, this is what made me take it to social media,” she told Kiss 92.5.

After multiple home remedies and failed attempts, Brown went to the hospital on Saturday (Feb. 6). A nurse tried to treat her hair with nail polish remover and saline water. In the end, the process was too painful and lengthy.

“When she started, it started to burn. So, they took the saline water and tried to, you know, cool it off, but it burned so bad to where my heart started beating too fast,” Brown explains. “She told me it looked like she could do it, but it’s gonna take at least 20 hours.”

Gorilla Girl Girl in hospital for hair


Brown Receives The Help Of Many

Since Tessica Brown has gone viral, she’s been making a lot of headlines. While some have been finding her situation confusing, others are offering support. Celebrities such as Chance the Rapper has offered to help her as well.

As of recently, a Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon extends a helping hand. According to TMZ, Dr. Michael Obeng is offering to perform a procedure on Brown. Additionally, he shares that he’s “confident” will finally remove the powerful adhesive from her hair. The procedure usually costs around $12,500. However, Dr. Obeng is offering to do it for free.

TMZ also reports that Brown will fly from Louisiana to Los Angeles tomorrow (Feb. 10) to meet Dr. Obeng. The surgeon is reportedly planning to use a medical-grade glue remover on Brown’s hair. He adds that the process should take about two to three days to work.

Gorilla Glue Responds

In addition, Brown is also considering suing the Gorilla Glue Company. She plans on suing on the basis that the glue’s warning labels say nothing about not applying to hair. A statement from the company was shared recently as well. In the statement, the company says that they’re “very sorry to hear” about her situation.