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How Much Does TIDAL Pay Artist For Streams

How Much Does TIDAL Pay Artist For Streams


We have talked about Apple and we have discussed Spotify, now is the time to talk about TIDAL. 

While TIDAL is a popular site for the general public, it is mostly a popular use for artists. TIDAL is Norwegian subscription-based music. A place that offers audio, music videos, and even podcasts. TIDAL is more expensive, but the reason is that it is much higher quality than Spotify. By offering two tiers in its subscription, premium being the cheapest of the two. 

TIDAL knows to “deliver the best.” On their about page they not only promise to deliver quality but connections to fans and then a “commitment to the art.” A promise that ensures they deliver the music and art properly as the artist intended.

 So as we have discussed Spotify and Apple, and how much they pay per stream. It is time to shine a spotlight on TIDAL. 

According to various reports, TIDAL pays 0.011 per stream. By doing the math they pay about $11 per 1,000 streams. 

Because of this, it has made this platform one of the highest subscription and useful streaming sites for indie artists. 

Created by Jay-Z and backed by many independent artists,  this platform’s aim is to indie artists that are learning and earning as they go. Meaning that whether you are signed or not with a label, TIDAL has made it a goal to pay equal rates to artists, producer, writer, creator, etc… They understand the importance of pay so their promise is high compensation to all. 

If you sign up to use their subscription, then this money will go into funding royalties for master recordings, copyrights, and others. These subscriptions also fund operating services like offices, staff, and many things artists may need to create more music. These subscriptions also bring promises to fans of artist interactions, live streams, and many other perks. So not only will you be helping your favorite indie artist, but you can get even more out of this subscription. 

As new as TIDAL may be, this is a great option for both fans and artists. You can click to read more here.

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