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How To Create An Online Presence Outside of Social Media

How To Create An Online Presence Outside of Social Media

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If you are an up-and-coming artist having an online presence is needed and important. There are quite a few differences from a more social to professional presence, and here we will give you tips on how to appear more professional online.

This will make it is easier to promote yourself, get marketing experience, and gain and retain loyal supporters. Hopefully, it can lead to some money in the bank.

With an organized digital presence the job becomes easier and almost self-sustaining. With your presence made, it is has become a portfolio that can showcase your skills and techniques.

These sites also become your way of interaction with your fanbase as well as a marketing tool. And while living in the digital age, anyone with access to the internet can get help starting somewhere.

While marketing yourself may sound difficult, it actually isn’t. Starting out can be a challenge but once websites and platforms are made, keeping a basic schedule for promotion can be made easier once you are organized and ready.

Starting Your Online Presence

The Website

Many artists overlook this very important step because they’re relying solely on a social media presence to connect with their audience.

Think about the way Beyonce uses her website to make exclusive announcements and build a community for Black creatives and entrepreneurs aside from her Instagram account.

Here are some things you should know before creating your website:

  1. When starting your website make sure you have a good template to start with. If you are just starting your website look through the templates, many website developers have helpful templates to get a more organized site. And there are many musician-based websites that were made to accommodate various needs.
  2. Keep it organized. Your website will house various links all that in the end will be about you. Keeping your website clean and organized can make reaching out to you easier.
  3. Keep it updated. If you will be promoting a new song, or want to promote items, or even an event make sure to tell all your platforms. Constantly keep your website updated to have something new for consumers to consume.

There are tons of free resources that will allow you to build a user-friendly website. If you need a website created, visit our affiliate marketing partner’s website to book a consultation and get your custom website in just three days.

The Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Once you’ve created your website and linked it to practically every social media platform connected to you, the electronic press kit is the next step. The EPK is a system that holds the information of who you are and what you are promoting. This is mostly used for those who are in media, so for future artists, this can be seen as a requirement. Here are the requirement to have a successful EPK.

  1. Your bio. Make it short, sweet, and professional.
  2. Photos. These photos are professional, but they can range from headshots to performance pictures. Something to showcase who you are.
  3. Media Coverage. If you have been covered somewhere (like the press) it is time to show it off. Include positive quotes or any coverage.
  4. Links to your music. Whether it be Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Apple, or Spotfiy. Provide the links to show you have put in the work.
  5. Links to your social media and website. This is why you need to keep your platforms updated. It shows you are interested in keeping a connection in the social world.
  6. Anything new. If you have something coming let them know. You are an artist keep them updated in anything new.

The Social Media Presence

While there is a chance that you have a personal social media presence it is also important to have a more artist/professional one.

It is also good to note to keep with what’s popular. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now TikTok; knowing how to use these sites to your advantage is important. With this, you can promote not only your music but interact with fans and promote yourself.

There are dozens of social media platforms to connect with your supporters are but make sure that you’re devoting time to the platforms that are interactive and allows you to engage. TikTok and Twitch are excellent platforms for increasing engagement and brand awareness.

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Make sure to keep it updated, constantly posting and linking back to your website and other platforms.

The Email List

While it may seem off to place the email list in its own subheading it is important to note that your email is a whole different genre of importance. With an email, this is the most personal way to reach out to you. Promoters, venues, merchandise, and content all live here.

  1. Keep it organized. Know what’s important and read through all of them.
  2. Keep it professional. Promoters tend to reach out via email. Have a proper greeting, response, and importantly remove the “sent from iPhone” or any improper signatures.

While it may take a while to get there remember that fans will reach out too. Always stay professional. Create an email list with exclusive content, or a site where you can drop in and say hello, a way to promote new music or events. Your email will be the most intimate form of communication, keep it clean and friendly.

How It All Comes Together

Once this is all set the biggest key here is keeping it updated. If you find yourself making a new song, link it back to your social platforms, back to your website, and then back to your EPK.

Keep everything clean and keep everyone in the know so when you are ready to post onto a playlist or music platform you receive the click you deserve and no one will miss out.

And do not worry if it takes time, it usually does. But once you get started it will become easier to manage.

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