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How To Get Signed To A Record Label

How To Get Signed To A Record Label

How To Get Signed To A Record Label

After all the non-stop hard work it is time to get signed to a record label. And as repetitive it may sound, yes it is work. But here we would like to make things easier and show you what are the things you need to do so successfully get the attention and get signed to a record label. 

Previously we talked about pitching yourself to a record label, getting their attention, and what you need to make that happen. Now it is time to know the fundamentals of getting signed and what that process is like. If you want a more in-depth look, you can read the article here.

The Basics

Before getting signed here are some things you need to look out for, ideas from our previous article: 

  • Keep All Socials and Websites Updated 
  • Have a Following 
  • Know Your Pitch 

After confirming you have all this here is what you can do next. 

The Steps

  1. Know Your Target

While there are many labels out there, you need to research which label you would want to pitch yourself to. While the dream label exists, it is never wrong to pitch yourself to one or two more. The key here will be to research which label suits your type of genre, it is not recommended to pitch yourself an overwhelming amount of labels. 

Here is a shortlist of HipHop labels you can look into: 

  • Def Jam Recordings 
  • D-Block Records 
  • Roc-A-Fella
  • Sony Music Entertainment 
  • Universal Music
  • Warner Music

2.Think Like Them 

When having made your choice, it’s time to think like them. Many of these websites have their own tips and advice on how to get signed or what they are looking for, read them. A record label is a business, and a business is looking for a new employee. Look at their requirements and then think to yourself if you offer it to them. The close and better you are to their requirements, the higher the chance to get signed.

3. The A&R

If you don’t know what A&R is, it is actually simple. An A&R is the department in a label that is in charge of discovering talent and signing them up. Most of these labels have one, and you can easily google who they are and how to contact them. A&R’s are experienced workers in the label that know what the label is looking for, they know what type of production, story, or style and they will be the ones who can either approve or deny your demo. 

You can read this article here and get an idea as to what they are looking for. A great article with an A&R from Atlantic Records. 

4. Don’t Get Discouraged

After researching and re-reading our pitch article, it will take time to get contacted by someone. So do not ever feel discouraged and never feel like it is wrong to contact them and send them an email. If your demo gets rejected ask for tips and advice to see what you can fix. 

Take any opportunity to learn and improve. 

If you get a chance to get signed keep a relationship going, be thankful and grateful. If you don’t get signed be civil and thank them for being heard. 

You are one of many out there who always remember 

Be original 

Take you time

Be Patient 

And Keep Working. 

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