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How To Make Your Song A TikTok Sound

How To Make Your Song A TikTok Sound

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Everyone knows what a Tik Tok is, which means that as an up-and-coming artist it’s time to use it to your advantage. Learning to create a TikTok song can be vital as part of a social media promotion.

TikTok started as a video-sharing application called Music.ly. Which includes much of what TikTok is known for today. A place where users dance and meme to music and songs. Allowing the song and artist to become big hits almost over night.

Previously we discussed that it is vital to promote yourself to social media. But as Tiktok takes the media by the storm, your safest bet is to begin your promotion here.

So it begs to question how do you do this.

Here are a few steps you need to do as you begin to use Tiktok as part of your promotion.

Know What You Are Going To Promote

Like many user-friendly sites, it is important to know if your song is TikTok friendly. Since the app is fairly new try to keep in mind the age range of the users as well as the audience it will eventually reach. TikTok’s are reposted through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…it is going to reach a much bigger audience than you think.

Most TikTok songs are only 15 seconds long and those 15 seconds are vital. TikTok music is user-friendly as well as flexible and safe to be reposted around. When going through your music look for the part where both composition and lyrics work well with a TikTok creator. Something someone can sing along to as well as the act or react to. TikTok creators are looking for music that can flow with their video and be able to work with.

It is also important to note that there is no copyrighted work in your music. While most artists sample speeches, songs, or compositions; TikTok has a strict copyright policy. If the policy is tested your song can be removed from the application.

Make It Available Everywhere

There are two ways you can have your song available on TikTok. One way is if you have a distributor, this way you have someone who is helping you promote and create a following. The other is when you are more independent or starting out with your own personal promotion.

Once you have found the perfect 15 seconds it is actually quite easy to add TikTok music on the app.

First you can download an app called Inshot Video Editor. In this you can take a recorded video, add and trim your desired song, and then share it on TikTok. You can watch this video here to see more.

The other way can be using distribution sites like TuneCore or Landr. These sites can help you to not only add the songs to your TikTok but help distribute them in other music-worthy sites.

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Once uploaded anyone can search for the song title and artist behind it.

Work Hard To Be Viral

After playing around with adding your music and using TikTok, it is time to use it to your advantage.

Use your music to create engaging videos that can create curiosity in your audience. Here are some things you can do:

  • Use your song to show your musical journey
  • Dance to it and let people remix it
  • A mini personal music video
  • Offer a playlist or a shoutout

When doing this know what the tags are and make sure to remind viewers to share. Do this by clicking “share” -> “copy link” -> “cancel.” It can also be a good idea to reply to comments and engage with your viewers as it gets them excited and can help promote you.

While these may only be a few of the things that can help promote you, your music, and hopefully help you go viral always stay on top of the trend. Research and look out for the “new” and tease your new songs and creations. Making it entertaining for ever social media user.

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