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Ice Cube Claims Warner Bros Refuses To Make More ‘Friday’ Sequels

Ice Cube Claims Warner Bros Refuses To Make More ‘Friday’ Sequels

Ice Cube Accuses Warner Bros. Of Discrimination, Wants Studio To Surrender Rights To 'Friday' Franchise and Other Movies

Ice Cube used the hashtag is accusing Warner Bros of refusing to produce more Friday sequels. On Friday, Ice Cube took to his Twitter with the hashtag #FreeFriday.

Everyone knows the cult classic movie produced by Ice Cube, Friday.

Recently, the rapper and actor took to his Twitter on Friday to accuse Warner Bros for high-jacking the Friday franchise. According to Ice Cube, the production studio is refusing to make more sequels. Additionally, the former N.W.A member attempted to drum up support with the hashtag #FreeFriday.

“#freefriday from the jaws of Warner Bros. who refuses to make more sequels,” his tweet reads. “They have hi-jacked the happiness of the culture.

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Additionally, fans are having mixed feelings about his announcement. While many wanted to see another installment in the Friday series, others felt that Ice Cube should leave the beloved franchise alone. “God, do we really need more of those movies though?? They’re classics,” tweeted one fan.




What do you guys think about having more Friday Sequels? Let us know in the comments below!


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