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Jermaine Dupri to Produce ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ Concert Series for 2019 Super Bowl

Jermaine Dupri to Produce ‘Welcome to Atlanta’ Concert Series for 2019 Super Bowl

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About 30 years in the game, Jermaine Dupri keeps doing it big. Last Friday (Oct. 26), the Atlanta producer announced that he’s putting together a free concert series in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, which will take place in Atlanta.

As indicated by WSB-TV, the series, which is titled Super Bowl Live, will occur through the span of six days at Atlanta’s Centennial Park primary stage. Talking at a news gathering where he reported his Super Bowl Live show arrangement, Dupri clarified that it’s his obligation to ensure that the general population gets an assorted blend of Atlanta artists to feature the shows and ensure that artists don’t use profanity during their performances.

“As soon as I can get people to say they are going to keep it clean,” he said when asked about the lineup.

Recently, the Grammy-winning producer disclosed to TMZ Sports that he’s making it his duty to provide an authentic Atlanta experience. “I was coming to Atlanta and being the unofficial man of the city, but caring about the way people viewed my city forever and ever, I feel like it’s my job to make sure the ‘Welcome to Atlanta Experience’ is the best that you ever had for those who still do support Super Bowl weekend,” he explained.

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Make sure to get the 2019 Super Bowl on Feb. 3 and Dupri’s show arrangement advancing it from Jan. 26-29. also, Jan. 31st-Feb. 2nd.

Watch Jermaine Dupri’s announcement below: