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Kanye West Reveals That Bernie Sanders Refused to Meet Him

Kanye West Reveals That Bernie Sanders Refused to Meet Him

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Nick Cannon returned with the second part of his interview with Kanye West, and just like part one, there was nothing dull about it.

While discussing his meeting with Jared Kushner, the rapper revealed that Bernie Sanders refused to meet with him.

“I’m not one of these, ‘I’m Black so I’m Democrat, 95 percent’… 95 percent of Black people are Democrat. I wanted to meet with Bernie Sanders before, he wouldn’t meet with me. Now, I’m fine to meet with Biden. I would meet with anybody! I love everybody! Jesus loves everybody.”

Kanye West then tried to justify his meeting with the current President’s son-in-law and senior advisor by saying they were friends before Trump’s presidency, and highly the POTUS’ former connection to Hip Hop.

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“I met with Jared… that’s a friend of mine. I knew them before they were in the White House. Trump used to go to award shows with Puff Daddy.”

Sanders is no stranger to chatting with chart-topping rappers. He spoke to Cardi B on multiple occasions but Ye probably doesn’t have the juice like that.

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