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Kendrick Sampson Says He Doesn’t Know If ‘Everybody’s Gonna Be Pleased’ With ‘Insecure’ Series Finale

Kendrick Sampson Says He Doesn’t Know If ‘Everybody’s Gonna Be Pleased’ With ‘Insecure’ Series Finale

Kendrick Sampson Says He Doesn't Know If 'Everybody's Gonna Be Pleased' With 'Insecure' Series Finale

There are only two more episodes left of the series finale of Insecure, and fans are leaning at the edge of their seats to see how it ends and Kendrick Sampson gave us some insight during the NYC red carpet premiere of A Journal for Jordan.

“Fire. It’s gonna be dope,” he described. “I honestly, I don’t know if everybody’s gonna be pleased. I don’t know. I don’t know any of that. The only thing I’ve been ever worried about is if Issa likes it. She’s invested so much.”

Kendrick Sampson portrays Nathan, who has been labeled as #GhostBae, returned in the second episode of the fifth season after Issa and Lawrence surprisingly broke up.
Fans have seen the ups-and-downs of Issa’s love life: From TSA bae (Reggie Conquest) to Daniel (Y’lan Noel) and her forever bae, Lawrence (Jay Ellis). But she’s with Nathan now and their future is unclear.

The episode “Chillin’, Okay?!’ saw the girls enjoy a well-needed girl’s night at Issa’s house as they served as each other’s therapists. They played a game of question in a hat and the girls all answered which one of Issa’s exes they think is fine.

The game continued online and the fans spoke.

Although he doesn’t qualify as an ex, a few people named Nathan which he said was “flattering.”

“I ain’t mad at that. What I’m gonna be mad that people would say, you know, I would smash [Nathan]? But it’s not necessarily me, right. So that’s Nathan, they ain’t saying that they would do me, you know, but it’s cool. It’s cool. It’s very flattering. And it’s been an incredible journey being a part of this project.”

Are you rooting for Nathan and Issa to end up together? Let us know in the comments.

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