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Kevin McCall Admits To Hitting a Woman on Podcast ‘Because She Hit Me’

Kevin McCall Admits To Hitting a Woman on Podcast ‘Because She Hit Me’

Kevin McCall Admits To Hitting a Woman on Podcast 'Because She Hit Me'

Kevin McCall sat down for a rare interview and things went left after he admitted to hitting a woman and became aggressive when he was confronted.

It started when McCall began recounting one of his many social media controversies.

“I just was talking s*** and trying to get attention just like I got Chris Brown’s attention when I posted a picture of Rihanna’s face all beat up. This is before I had allegations of the second victim… ‘alleged’ victim.”

But things took a turn when he said, “Which I did hit her, ’cause she hit me. Which is not cool.”

Thee Kraig Smith podcast co-host, spoke up and chastised McCall for hitting women but the true colors came out.

“I’ve even beat up n***as over this. So if you want a fade over this, if you feel like I shouldn’t hit women, catch a fade outside bro. So don’t sit here and act like you think I’m some weird a** n***a bro,” McCall said.

Brandyn couldn’t get more than two words out: “I don’t” before Kevin McCall continued.

“Shut the f*** up my n***a. I’m a real a** n***a. I f*** up n***as bro. It’s n***as that come around that try to jump me. It’s n***as that wait until I get around a camera and switch the f***in narrative. So if you got a problem, if you think I hit women… catch a fade my n***a.”

But it didn’t end there. He said, “Don’t play with me like that. I don’t hit b****es bro. I got two daughters my n***a!”

Eva Marcille accused Kevin of abusing her while she was pregnant with their daughter.

“[The abuse] didn’t start for me until I was pregnant with Marley. And then about a month after having Marley, it didn’t stop; it got worse,” Marcille explained.

The rapper and producer has denied the claims but what do you think after his recent podcast appearance?

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